Jake Paul says people don’t think he’s a ‘real person’ ahead of Tommy Fury fight

Leigh Wood fights Mauricio Lara in a main-event bout at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena tonight, as the hometown fighter defends the WBA featherweight title against the Mexican challenger.

Wood last fought in March at the same venue, as he retained the belt with a 12th-round knockout of Michael Conlana KO-of-the-year contender that came after the 34-year-old recovered from a knockdown and fought from behind on the scorecards. It was a third straight stoppage win for the Briton, who improved his record to 26-2 (16 KOs) in the process.

Meanwhile, Lara (25-2-1, 18 KOs) most recently competed in October, stopping Jose Sanmartin in the third round in Mexico City. The result marked the 24-year-old’s second consecutive third-round victory, and he will be seeking another early finish as he enters hostile territory this evening.

Follow live updates from Wood vs Lara and the entire undercard in Nottingham.


Wood vs Lara LIVE

Cheavon Clarke def. Israel Duffus via unanimous decision (98-88, 98-88, 98-90).

Alex Pattle18 February 2023 20:59


Wood vs Lara LIVE

Clarke vs Duffus – Round 10

Final round! Can Clarke find a finish? He seems equally concerned with avoiding any silly mistakes.

Lots of grappling between the cruiserweights. A short right hook tags Duffus, but he takes it well.

But with almost the final punch of the fight, a right hook drops Duffus!

It’s such a well-timed punch from Clarke. Duffus makes it to his feet and past the final bell, however.

Alex Pattle18 February 2023 20:57


Wood vs Lara LIVE

Clarke vs Duffus – Round 9

Two rounds to go. Duffus with more jabs, but there’s nothing behind them.

Alex Pattle18 February 2023 20:52


Wood vs Lara LIVE

Clarke vs Duffus – Round 8

A sharp right cross snaps back the head of Duffus, who then goes southpaw.

Duffus flicks out a series of jabs, but mainly as range-finders. Clarke comes back with a hook.

A clubbing left hook follows for Clarke after Duffus misses with an uppercut.

Alex Pattle18 February 2023 20:48


Wood vs Lara LIVE

Clarke vs Duffus – Round 7

Duffus windmills a shot at Clarke, who reads it with ease and blocks. Duffus tries to stay light on his feet, circling neatly to his left.

He catches Clarke with a short, stiff right hook! An uppercut misses for the Jamaican-born Briton now. The cruiserweights clinch against the ropes. Duffus seems happy just to recover, and Clarke laughs as they separate.

And down goes Duffus, but due to his own overcommittal to a hook!

A snapping left hand catches the Panamanian’s attention once he’s back on his feet. More shots land, and again Duffus hits the canvas!

He rises and will make it to the end of the round. In fact, he times a nice left hook.

Alex Pattle18 February 2023 20:44


Wood vs Lara LIVE

Clarke vs Duffus – Round 6

Duffus goes down with the first punch of the round! He beats the referee’s count and suggests that it was just a trip.

Clarke will go for the finish anyway, and he pummels Duffus with a mean left hook, the shot that has been most effetive for the Briton tonight.

Clarke lands one punch slightly too low, and Duffus is given a moment to recover.

Back under way, and Clarke is digging upperuts into the body of Duffus, before backing him up.

Clarke clearly wants to get the Panamanian out of there in this round. A brutal uppercut slides inside Duffus’ guard in close, and a left hook follows!

Another sends Duffus wobbling backwards, and he takes a knee… He’s able to continue with 30 seconds left in the round.

Both fighters collapse to the canvas in a clinch before the round ends.

Alex Pattle18 February 2023 20:40


Wood vs Lara LIVE

Clarke vs Duffus – Round 5

Clarke’s corner calls for him to be more “ferocious” now and target the body. This is the first time he’s gone five rounds.

A right uppercut and left hook connect for Clarke. He doubles up his left hook again – once more striking the body then the head.

Still Duffus comes forward, flitting between southpaw and orthodox. He’s still smiling, too, and times a right overhand after a Clarke jab.

But Clarke lands a clean, naked left hook! Duffus absorbs the shot well, but he’s backed into the corner now.

Another fierce left hook lands for Clarke, then a right that has Duffus lolloping against the ropes!

The bell saves the Panamanian. Duffus is breathing heavily as he makes his way back to his corner.

Alex Pattle18 February 2023 20:35


Wood vs Lara LIVE

Clarke vs Duffus – Round 4

Duffus goes southpaw and backs up Clarke.

Clarke reaches for a right hook and lands. Now he doubles up with left hooks – one to the body of Duffus, one to the head.

More stance-switching from Duffus, who squeezes a left uppercut through but isn’t landing anywhere nearly as frequently anymore.

Alex Pattle18 February 2023 20:31


Wood vs Lara LIVE

Clarke vs Duffus – Round 3

Clarke buries a spiteful right hook into the mid-section of Duffus.

Duffus then presses forward, fighting behind his jab. He just slips a big right overhand attempt from Clarke, who then lands a strong left.

Duffus laughs it off, and Clarke drops his hands and stands still in front of the Panamanian.

An uppercut staggers Duffus now! That’s Clarke’s best shot so far. Could that be a significant moment in this fight?

Hooks are landing in multitude for Clarke as the round comes to an end.

Alex Pattle18 February 2023 20:27


Wood vs Lara LIVE

Clarke vs Duffus – Round 2

Clarke puts together a tidy combination that ends with a flush right hook to the head of Duffus, who looks a bit agitated by those shots.

He tries to reply with his own heavy output, but his timing is somewhat off.

Clarke slips a punch to his left then leans back with a slick right cross! He’s smiling at Duffus now.

Clarke blocks two big overhands but doesn’t fire back. Duffus laughs after overcommitting to a left hook and swinging himself off balance.

Alex Pattle18 February 2023 20:22

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