RESHMIN CHOWDHURY has been a regular on TV screens for some years, and is now presenting the Champions League draw.

Before this, she had joined talkSPORT in their GameDay coverage, where she presented alongside the likes of ex-footballers Darren Bent, Trevor Sinclair and Glen Johnson.


 Reshmin Chowdhury reporting from the Champions League final


Reshmin Chowdhury reporting from the Champions League finalCredit: Instagram / @reshmintv

Who is Reshmin Chowdhury?

CHOWDHURY worked as talkSPORT’s new lead presenter for their GameDay coverage, and worked as part of BT Sport’s Champions League team.

She originally worked away from sport, becoming a part of the team that travelled to Borneo for the ITV1 programme Survivor.

Following four years at BBC Sport, she had a change of scenery again, joining BT Sport in 2014.

How old is Reshmin Chowdhury?

THE television presenter was born on December 16, 1977, making her 45 years old.

Chowdhury speaks four languages, including Bengali, Spanish and French, having used the latter during an interview with Karim Benzema while at Real Madrid.

She is a Muslim with a Bangladeshi heritage and has two children.

Is Reshmin Chowdhury presenting Champions League draw?

CHOWDHURY has presented the Champions League draw since 2018.

In it she presents alongside Pedro Pinto, the Uefa Chief of Press.

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