ONLY clubs with a taste for brinkmanship would vote to return to the longer summer transfer window.

The previous system, with a deadline at the end of August, was not only chaotic — it was misused by moneybags clubs who had three weeks to stress-test the squad and add a player or two if necessary.

 Mauricio Pochettino was embroiled in a huge transfer saga with wantaway star Christian Eriksen


Mauricio Pochettino was embroiled in a huge transfer saga with wantaway star Christian EriksenCredit: Reuters

Some turned up right old pups, too, as is typical with what ends up being panic buys.

That is why West Ham will be voting to retain the current Premier League transfer deadline date.

I admit it would be much tidier if the French, German, Spanish and Italian leagues fell into line.

But there is no Brexit-style bust-up going to happen between England and the Continental powers who, surely, will see the sense in stopping transfers at the start of the season because it is both fair and efficient.

Whether Spurs chairman Daniel Levy views it this way I doubt — though his manager might be a different case.

The tedious Christian Eriksen saga has caused Mauricio Pochettino the kind of headaches recently associated with star Australian batsman Steve Smith.

Pochettino’s heart must have lifted when midnight chimed on Monday.

This is in no way picking on Levy, a smart financial wheeler-dealer who has delivered a wonderful new stadium at White Hart Lane which, however, came with around £600m debt.

Eriksen wouldn’t be moved to sign a new contract, even though Levy probably gulped when he found himself offering a reputed £200,000 a week to persuade the Dane to stay beyond next summer when he becomes a free agent.

It isn’t funny to discover a transfer pot of £50million-plus is gurgling into the North London gutters at more than £1m a week.

He’ll be praying for a little relief when the January window arrives.

Eriksen wished to employ his deceptive talents on the other side of the Channel. But no one bit.

Clubs know they will be free of Levy’s spider’s web by next May and the player will be free, too, if you don’t count a salary boosted by the lack of a fee.


Alexis Sanchez was said to be on £505,000 a week when he was went to Manchester United from Arsenal. The joke is on United, they got three Premier League goals in 18 months from him.

And they are paying more than half his huge salary to shift him to Inter Milan.

Sanchez was outwards business done in the gap, one of a number on the last day which included Javier Hernandez (West Ham to Sevilla).

Then there is Bobby Duncan, an 18-year-old striker who must be either restless or precocious — or both — because he had already left Manchester City for Liverpool before settling for Fiorentina at a fee of £1.8m.

The Italians will have to treat this one very gently as his agent accused Liverpool of “mental bullying”.

Note, it is top continental clubs buying from here during this period.

Premier League sides may do their business earlier but we are still the leading spenders, £1.41bn with La Liga just behind on £1.24bn.

The Spanish would have been closer had Neymar been sold to Real Madrid or Barcelona.

I bet all three were happy by the deadline. At least, he’s been shut up for a while.
And Pochettino can plan ahead knowing what he’s got.

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