Newly appointed chairman of Nigeria National League (NNL), Mr. George Aluo, has thanked Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) President, Alhaji Ibrahim Gusau, for finding him and members of the league’s board worthy of administering the nation’s second tier football league and promised that they would take the league to new heights and territories.

According to NNL media, Aluo, a veteran sports journalist, said shortly after the new board was inaugurated in Abuja, on Monday, promised Gusau: “As a team, and individuals with integrity and uncommon passion for better and efficient management of our football, and by extension our leagues, we promise to work assiduously so as not to betray the trust you have invested in us, as a unit.

“The mandate is for us to run the NNL professionally…make it business oriented and not business as usual. God being our helper, our guiding principle would be to insist on doing things right and differently, at all times.”

He also the board members’ loyalty to the NFF, while promising to work hard to realise the vision of its leadership in birthing a vastly improved and self-sustaining league.

“It is the most important league, and we are willing to make that a practical reality.”

As a team, we are committed to making the NNL very attractive for the corporate world, would be partners, the fans and everyone out there. So, we appeal to the business community to buy-into our reinvigorated league, and partner with us in advancing the fortunes of the NNL.”

On officiating of NNL matches, Aluo said the new board under his watch is ready to apply all the necessary measures, with the aim of stemming bad and incompetent refereeing. But clubs must also shun the erroneous impression that they must win at home, at all cost, even when it is glaring that they lack quality.

“We shall also be setting high standards with our match venues; as there shall be no more obscure venues. Teams in the NNL must accept hosting matches, in stadium that makes playing football attractive,” he said.

Apart from Aluo, other members of the new NNL board are Khamisu Ahmed Mailantarki (vice chairman), Yakubu Sama, Sani Mohammed, Dr. Donald Ikpe, Joseph Uzoma Ebowusim, Dotun Sanusi and Emmanuel Attah, whom is the chief executive officer.

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