WALES chief Noel Mooney was involved in a twitter spat with a Wales fan after suggesting Sir Tom Jones should sing their official World Cup song for Qatar.

Football Association of Wales chief executive Mooney posted on Wednesday: “Any thoughts on an official World Cup Song for @Cymru @FAWales? Asking for a friend” with a pic of Welsh singing legend Jones.

FAW chief Noel Mooney was involved in a Twitter spat over Tom Jones


FAW chief Noel Mooney was involved in a Twitter spat over Tom JonesCredit: Getty

But Mooney’s post received criticism and led to a public row on Thursday morning where he told a Wales fan to ‘unfollow’ him.

Wales fan Chasing The Dragon (Q) @chsingthedragon replied to the original tweet about Jones: “If it’s Tom Jones you’d need to resign.”

The spat escalated when the Wales fan was asked what point he was making about Mooney?

@chsingthedragon added: “About the endless inane ‘I’m making a playlist’, ‘show me your bucket hat pics’, ‘Tom Jones joke’, ‘our history, our struggle’ tweets presumably to ingratiate himself w people.

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“At odds with brilliant comms work, all of which was already underway by experienced professionals.”

Irishman Mooney, who is vocal on social media, waded in and replied: “Just unfollow. Simple. For me, it’s really good to understand our people’s views and it helps in our decision making to keep improving to be a leading football nation.”

@chsingthedragon said: “Is that your actual answer? ‘Just unfollow?’ Wow. I was putting a view held by some people, that’s all.

“‘Just unfollow’ is inconsistent with your very next sentence when you say ‘it’s really good to understand our people’s views’.

Mooney added: “Very happy to hear all views. But if you find out discussions on Welsh football inane, that’s a view I hadn’t heard yet.

“The discussion on where we should invest our resources or how we should improve the game or what music people like it not inane for me. That’s my view.”

@chsingthedragon added: “If you’re happy to hear all views, ‘just unfollow’ was a strange opening sentence. I’m not saying improving Welsh football, or discussing it, is inane, am I.

“I’ve been going 40 years and will be for another 40 hopefully, and I’ve discussed Welsh football every day since 1976.”

Mooney said: “Great … will review what I tweet to ensure it’s not too boring … and Diolch yn fawr for your support. We are going in a good direction with a lot to come.”

@chsingthedragon said: “Thanks for the unnecessary sarcasm. No need to thank me for my support. Have a nice day.”

Mooney began his role as Wales chief executive last August after a spell at Uefa as head of strategic development.

Wales face arch rivals England, USA and Iran in Group B at the World Cup in November.

The Welsh squad have adopted Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka song’ after qualifying earlier this month while Dafydd Iwan’s Yma O Hyd is also very popular among Welsh fans, players and management.

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