Good morning football fans

Romelu Lukaku has risked the wrath of Chelsea fans in a bombshell interview. 

The Belgian striker told Sky Sports in Italy: “Physically I’m doing great. I’m just not very happy with the situation, but that’s normal. 

“I think the boss has decided to play a different formation but I have to stick at it and get on with it professionally.

“I’m not happy with the situation but it’s my job and I mustn’t give up.”

Lukaku, 28, re-signed for Chelsea in the summer from Inter Milan for £97.5m – but has now opened the door to a return to Italy. 

He said: “I don’t think any of it should have happened the way it did. 

“The way I left Inter and the way I communicated with the Inter fans. I’m annoyed about that because it’s not the right time now but it wasn’t the right time when I left either.  

“I always said that I love Inter and I’ll play for them again. I really hope so. I fell in love with Italy.

“Now is the right time to talk about it and tell people what really happened, without saying anything bad about anyone, because I’m not like that.  

“I want to really apologise to the Inter fans because I don’t think I should have left Inter the way I did. 

“I should have spoken to you guys first, especially after everything you did for me, for my family, my mum, my son. I’ll never forget that.  

“I hope from the bottom of my heart to go back to Inter and not at the end of my career but when I’m still at a good enough level to win more trophies.”

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