The Titan Sports Entertainment in partnership with the Senema Productions Limited, on Thursday, announced a new entertainment package aimed at boosting the careers of local female boxing athletes, as the group set tournament for females.

It has been announced that all the fights taking place will be streamed live for anyone who was unable to secure tickets, and the ‘Boxing Meets Comedy’ event is scheduled for May 1 at the Abuja Continental Hotel beginning from 6 pm.

Director of the Titan Sports Entertainment, John Uzor Obi, who disclosed this in Abuja, at the press conference, stated that in boxing or any other combat sports, there are weight classes. “And if you go above their weight class, that means you cannot box with the person that is not in that class. You have to go either higher or lower.

“But we prepare all of these boxes to make sure they maintain their weight so that when they come, they will not go above a particular weight so we cannot compare them against somebody who is beyond your weight.

“But we have in mind that some of the parents that will want to join but you have to be shown for safety so that somebody in heavier cannot punch somebody in high weight. So, we will be putting tabs on them.

“We would be checking on them to make sure they maintain the weight at least, a day before the fight. All of them will be in Abuja because they are coming from Lagos, Delta and other States to partake in this event.”

Helen Joseph is one of the boxers who will be competing at the tournament. She said that the tournament would be great as the first local female competition.

She said: “My aim is not the prize because I am not thinking about that now. My aim is to win. Get into the green to fight and shoot my talents for victory. This is not my first of boxing, I have been boxing since 2003.”

In his remarks, Assistant Boxing Coach at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Coach Olapade Oladoson, assured Nigerians that comedians show and boxing competition would be the best.

He noted that adequate preparation has been put in place for medical protection, adding, “We can’t allow anybody going to the ring without being checked. We don’t want casualties. It is not in our plan to have casualties; so we must make adequate preparations for that.

“The medical team will check them as they are weighing in. We are checking them, including their BP. Everything about health would be check.”

Speaking on the Ticking, Mr Emmanuel Ohiomokhare said: “There will be two ways of getting the tickets, you can get the tickets physically at our office, Senema Productions, Balanga Street, Behind Old Sahad Store, Gariki Area 11 and website, www.senema”

He further noted that numerous comedians including, Kiboko Master, Ikusi; Loud Voice, among many comedians would be present.

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