Online gambling is fun in all its forms, but some of the most exciting games are those played against real croupiers. They bring a lot of authenticity to the gaming environment and help players feel comfortable regardless of stakes. Gamblers can win more or less depending on how lucky they are and the limits, but the dealers enjoy less flexibility. Depending on where they work, the paychecks can differ greatly and the same goes for the tips. These are some of the important numbers that you should consider.

Salaries go as high up as $60,000 per year

According to the live casino website — “In Nevada, dealers can make up to $60,000 per year” — but these are the high-end croupiers with a lot of experience. An average of $5000 per month is nothing to frown upon, given the fact that you don’t need any college degree. However, salaries start significantly lower and some dealers begin their career with no more than $16,000 per year. This is not a living wage in the United States, but luckily for croupiers, they don’t rely exclusively on the standard payment.

The amounts can differ for dealers who operate online and they tend to make slightly less than their counterparts. The differences are not that significant, not to mention the working conditions are pretty much the same. Hands are dealt with a slightly higher frequency, but at least they don’t have to deal with disgruntled players. Granted some online punters make malicious comments after they lose, the level of abuse is significantly lower.

Some dealers tend to make more because they are more experienced and the casinos can assign more challenging tasks to them. High-limit tables are those that require their services and expertise, so casinos are willing to pay more. At the end of the day, it makes perfect sense to assign the best dealers to the most profitable tables. When playing online there is no possibility to make tips, which is a big problem, since this is a significant percentage of their income.

How much money do croupiers make in tips?

This is where things can get pretty tricky because there is no clear way of determining these figures. It all depends on the stakes because high rollers tend to take much more than regular players. That’s why everybody hopes to deal at a table where the big spenders play, to boost their paychecks. Speaking of which, experienced dealers hit two birds with one stone, because they have higher salaries and also the chance to grab bigger tips.

On average, a croupier in Las Vegas or other land-based casinos in the US will make an average of $15 per hour. This means that even if you start with a very low salary, you can make a nice income by simply collecting tips. For this to happen, punters need to have a friendly demeanor, be focused on the game, and put any personal problems and concerns away.

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