Team Okeleke has emerged winners of this year’s Chairman’s Cup Table Tennis Tournament. The team inspired by sports commentator, Michel Obi, defeated Team Akande 3-2 in the final held at the Table Tennis Section of the Lagos Country Club, Ikeja.

The Chairman’s Cup Tournament is a yearly competition organised to promote bonding among members as well as encourage wellness.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman of the club, Tunji Lawal, said the competition was a round-robin game that involved seven teams labelled under former club’s chairmen and winners emerging after a week-long contests that showcase former table tennis star, Atanda Musa, as a guest of honour.

“The tournament is a yearly event that began five years ago. It was decided among members who needed a major tournament in the section in form of a World Cup hence the birth of the Chairman’s Cup Tournament.

“And that is how we decided on having a Chairman’s Cup tournament, which will have teams representing all the past chairmen that have served the section. Though some are late and were not represented, but it is only those chairmen that are alive that are duly represented.

“This edition has been fun; it is something that has brought members of the section together, especially the old, young, those playing and non-playing members. But whether you are a player or not, you will be picked for teams and we normally do a yearly ballot system for players and members of the teams,” he said.

Lawal, who is also the chairman of the Lagos State Table Tennis Association, added that, “Whichever group members find themselves, you see them shouting and routing for their teams to win. This is exactly the aim of the Chairman’s Cup and the club is achieving that with members,” he said.

Speaking on their win, Captain of Team Okeleke, Henry Obaroh, said, “We did not expect we were going to win the tournament, but at the end of the day we won it for the wonderful man, Mr. Robert Okeleke, who did everything in terms of support us.”

“As a group, we are excited because we have actually wanted to win the Chairman’s Cup and here we are today, we are champions. Sport brings us joy and we had fun taking part in the event. Table tennis keeps one fit and I encourage everyone to start taking part in it of they want to stay healthy,” he stated.

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