Every member of the Super Falcons playing team will earn $60, 000, which is about N46, 258,800 for qualifying for the second round of the ongoing Women World Cup.

According to the breakdown of the payments accruing to players at the championship, the players will earn $30,000 (N23, 122,200.) each in the group stage. It will rise to $60, 000 (46,258,800) in the round of 16, while, if they beat England in the quarterfinal, each of them will get $90,000 (N69, 606,000).

Playing in the semifinal will fetch of them $165,000 (N130, 102,500), if they finished as third-best team, each player will earn $180,000 (N139, 212,000).

Coming second at the end of hostilities will fetch each player $195,000 (N154, 533, 611, 505), while they will get $270,000 (N209, 441,025) each if they win the competition.

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