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Super Bowl 57 is here and the Philadelphia Eagles battle the Kansas City Chiefs in what promises to be a thrilling finale to the NFL season.

Patrick Mahomes edged out Jalen Hurts for this season’s MVP award, but no quarterback has doubled up the most prestigious individual accolade in the sport with the Lombardi trophy since Kurt Warner in 1999.

The key battle in this game is likely to centre around Mahomes, Travis Kelce and the pressure exerted from the Eagles defense.

Should Mahomes prevail it will be a second ring in five years on this impressive run under Andy Reid, though Nick Sirianni hopes to complete a remarkable two-year transformation of the Eagles.

Follow live build-up to the game at State Farm Stadium this evening:


HALF-TIME: Super Bowl 2023 – Eagles 24-14 Chiefs

Elliott nails it down the centre and Philadelphia lead by 10 at half-time!

Patrick Mahomes limps off into the locker-rooms – it’s been Jalen Hurts’ Super Bowl so far!

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Kieran Jackson13 February 2023 01:18


Super Bowl 2023 – *Eagles 21-14 Chiefs: 2nd & 8 at KAN 19, 2nd 0:04

Philly are going to go for three here, as they take their last timeout with four seconds left.

Jake Elliott is the kicker – with a perfect record in the post-season in his career…

Kieran Jackson13 February 2023 01:17


Super Bowl 2023 – *Eagles 21-14 Chiefs: 1st & 10 at KAN 19, 2nd 0:15

Hurts finds AJ Brown in the centre of the field, and then finds 10 more yards down the sideline and gets out of bounds.

Kieran Jackson13 February 2023 01:16


Super Bowl 2023 – *Eagles 21-14 Chiefs: 3rd & 4 at KAN 46, 2nd 0:23

Eagles timeout at 3rd & 4, as Hurts finds Smith once again!

Can Philly add to their lead here?!

Kieran Jackson13 February 2023 01:15


Super Bowl 2023 – *Eagles 21-14 Chiefs: 2nd & 10 at KAN 46, 2nd 0:28

Philly make the first-down with another QB sneak – the clock continues to run…

Hurts throws the ball away, 2nd & 10. Another 10-15 yards needed for a field-goal attempt.

Kieran Jackson13 February 2023 01:14


Super Bowl 2023 – *Eagles 21-14 Chiefs: 3rd & 1 at KAN 48, 2nd 0:55

Call is overturned – incomplete!

Kieran Jackson13 February 2023 01:13


Super Bowl 2023: Eagles 21-14 Chiefs

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(Getty Images)

Jack Rathborn13 February 2023 01:12


Super Bowl 2023 – *Eagles 21-14 Chiefs: 1st & 10 at PHI 43, 2nd 0:55

Hurts finds Smith terrifically down the side-line – but it will be reviewed!

Smith gets both feet in bounds but does he lose control as he hits the ground?!

Kieran Jackson13 February 2023 01:09


Super Bowl 2023 – *Eagles 21-14 Chiefs: 1st & 10 at PHI 43, 2nd 1:22

A decent return from the Eagles too – near to half-way!

Chance for Eagles to stretch their lead to two touchdowns here – two timeouts too!

Mahomes, by the way, is still hobbling but he’s bravely walking around and he’ll play through the pain barrier!

Kieran Jackson13 February 2023 01:07


Super Bowl 2023 – Eagles 21-14 Chiefs*: 4th & 15 on KAN 31, 2nd 1:33

Chiefs fail to convert – and Mahomes’ ankle is hurt!

The Chiefs quarterback tried to go himself on third and long but he’s tackled fairly by TJ Edwards, but his injured ankle is wrapped up!

He looks in some pain! What a huge moment in this game!

Kieran Jackson13 February 2023 01:04

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