Sports injuries often include damage to the muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints. Contact injuries occur in a collision with an opponent such as in basketball, football or handball. Non-contact injuries occur in individual sports – athletics, tennis, swimming, running … That’s why it’s important to have a high-quality and expert team of doctors, like for example the orthopedic hospital in Dubai.

The pursuit of the best possible results in a professional sport often takes its toll. Lighter and more severe sports injuries become inevitable if the body is exhausted to the limit. The victims are even children whose parents “remain deaf” to the doctor’s warnings that their children, despite talent, do not have the strength and endurance of the organism for professional sports. Only when serious injuries occur and parents become aware of the situation.

part of the body is mostly injured?

in order that is knee, thighs, ankle, shoulder, fist, a face, they are most
often injured. However, thanks to the extremely sophisticated diagnostic
procedures and devices used for examination, it is possible to determine with
complete precision the degree of damage, the way of treatment and successful

Unfortunately, sometimes rehabilitation cannot be fully accomplished due to the desire of athletes, trainers or other members of the team to return to sports activities as soon as possible, causing subsequent injuries in the same places and difficult recovery. Sometimes it is the price of commercialization of sports, present everywhere in the world.


there more acute or chronic injuries?

More often they are acute, they occur suddenly and usually the ligaments of the knees and meniscus and ligaments. They manifest themselves with pain. Symptoms in the form of redness, hematoma, appear after a few minutes, limiting movement.

In such circumstances, an injury is assessed, whether an athlete may continue or should be given first aid in order to prevent further complications until the injury is checked in detail. In most cases, activity is suspended, ice is placed locally, the injured part is immobilized and lifted above the level of the heart, which prevents the formation of hematoma and other complications.


to avoid injuries?

need to make a serious assessment of the candidate’s predisposition. Before
starting to make more physical efforts, the musculature and the bone joint
system should be strengthened. To achieve body elasticity, a good choice is
swimming, because water is a medium that prevents an overload of the body.

sports injuries can be avoided or minimized, if coaches, fitness trainers,
sports doctors and other members of the expert team make an objective analysis
of the athletes’ desire for success and their psycho-physical abilities to do
so. Mental force is also of great importance for the emergence of injuries.
Injuries occur mainly when the level of concentration falls, which means that
physical and psychological readiness must be in harmony. That is why the presence
of a sports psychologist is also very important. This applies not only to
professional athletes but also to recreational players.

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