SFFL Showtime League X, foremost co-ed American flag football league, will debut in Lagos on September 24, 2023 with 10 teams competing in the season.

The teams, which will compete during the season comprising of nine weeks are, Outlaws, Lagos Mavericks, Spartan FC Lagos, Dragons, Lagos Athletics, Lagos Rebels, Lagos Raptors, Lagos Panthers, Titans and Warriors.

Speaking during the unveiling, the League Commissioner, Adejumo Adebare, said the newly introduced sport league in Nigeria stands as a pioneering force in the world of co-ed flag football in Lagos State.

Adebare explained that SFFL Showtime brings a fresh perspective to the local sports scene as well as foster connections and creates memorable experiences on and off the field.

He said the league offers a unique platform for young adults, professionals, families and sports enthusiasts to participate in an inclusive and competitive environment.

Adebare said it also caters to a broad demographic, welcoming individuals of all ages, genders and backgrounds as well as using the power of sports to unify communities.

“We aim to create a thriving community that transcends boundaries and celebrates the love of the game. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment that embraces participants of all genders, backgrounds and skill levels, SFFL Showtime promotes equal opportunities and celebrate diversity within our league,” he said.

He said the league places a strong emphasis on fair play, respect and integrity, while fostering a culture of good sportsmanship, encouraging players to compete with passion as we as respecting opponents and officials.

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