.Pre season games excites Teams

The organisers of SFFL Showtime Coed Flag Football League have said that the pre-season training session, tagged ‘Showtime Sunday,’ currently going on at Meadow Hall School, Alma Beach Estate, Elegushi, Lekki, Lagos, with 10 teams and over 50 men and women’s players, will create more awareness of the sport and also enable teams to prepare adequately for the main league season beginning on September 24.

According to the Commissioner of SFFL Showtime Coed Flag Football League, Adejumo Adebare, the pre-season training has attracted many participants, with new talented players also undergoing screening to join teams in the league.

Adebare said the SFFL Showtime Coed Flag Football League is a well-structured event that gives teams opportunity to put their squads in the right order to have a highly attractive and competitive season.

“The SFFL Showtime League pre-season training has been successful so far, as teams are working hard to blend well ahead of the season.”

The pre-season training pits teams against each other to discover lapses in their squads and adjust.

“The pre-season games are taken serious by players as they fight hard to win their games… this makes the training sessions even like major league matches.

“The various club owners in the SFFL are recruiting more players that will fortify their teams for the season. More fans are coming to watch Flag Football games, which shows the sport is getting more recognition in the country,” he said.

The 10 teams in the league are Titans, Warriors, Dragons, LA Flag, Spartans, Mavericks, Raptors, Outlaws, Panthers and Rebels.

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