The Sapetro Futures Tennis Championship, which has served to deepen and widen the scope of junior tennis in Nigeria, will hit-off at the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Onikan, from tomorrow to August 26, the organisers, International Tennis Academy (ITA), have said.

The tournament, designed to attract, identify, and develop tennis talent from all over the country, will feature three categories, including boys and girls 12s, 14s and 16s. 

ITA said the categorisation is designed to promote a smooth transition to the seniors and then to the professional ranks.

“The Sapetro Futures, which is one of our flagship junior championships, has helped to put the standard of our junior tennis players on the same level with that of any country in the world,” ITA Director, Godwin Kienka, said, adding, “for instance, the boys and girls, who participated in the 12 & Under Junior Masters in Yenagoa three weeks ago, went to Ghana last week and won the West African Championships without dropping a match.

“The boys were Dubem Amasiani, Joel Michael and Seyi Ogunsakin, while the girls were Gloria Samuel, Aina Goodnews and Logolay Holzendoff. All of them are expected to feature in the Sapetro Futures event.”

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