Expect more mediocrity

MAN UTD VERDICT: By the end the fans did not know what to chant next. Who to shout at, whether to boo, laugh or cry.

This is modern day Manchester United.

The afternoon had started with a determined march on Old Trafford once again in protest at the owning Glazer family. The protest had probably included just around 2,000 of those that filled Old Trafford.

The call not to enter seats until 17 minutes of the game to protest at their 17 years in charge went unheard. Glazer out chants came and went during the game.

But then so did ‘Viva Ronaldo’ as he hit another stunning hat-trick to at least save the day on the pitch.

Nemanja Matic who had stunned the club on the eve of the game by announcing he was quitting this summer weirdly had his name chanted as he warmed up.

No doubt part-time footballer Edinson Cavani will get a cheer if he decides to play again between now and the end of the season.

Jesse Lingard who will be leaving in the summer was clapped when he was subbed after doing little or nothing.

Conversely there were cries from one corner of ‘f*** off Pogba’ when he was subbed. The fingers point everywhere right now, but always at The Glazers when it comes to the bottom line.

Nothing will change. They will stay away, continue to spend the club’s money on servicing debt, continue to sign up sponsors on the back of the club’s name and no doubt continue to spend on players.

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