The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) president, Ibrahim Musa Gusau, has said that the NFF is ready to pay the Super Falcons their 2023 Women’s World Cup prize money.

Gusau said this on Tuesday while speaking to veteran sports journalist Mitchell Obi in an interview on “Sports Salsa” radio show, on Kennis 104.1 FM.

Obi asked Gusau about the row over allowances and bonuses between the Super Falcons and the NFF.

He asked the NFF chief if there is any attempt to settle the outstanding bonuses and allowances to the Super Falcons players and what exactly the outstanding is.

“As I have said, we are ready to pay them their money. Even if FIFA gives you money, they are very specific about what you are going to with that money,” Gusau said.

“It is only when we have the money that we can use it to pay such kind of payment, it is then that we can do it.

“The prize money we are getting from FIFA, we can use it to pay any outstandings, we can use it to pay the coach of the Super Falcons. That is what we will do and we will not have any problem,” he stressed.

Gusau also said that people are just trying to be going up and down with the issue because the players’ outstandings have been for more than two years.

He wondered why the Super Falcons’ players did not talk about it until they got to Australia for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

“If you have an outstanding for over two years, is that the time that you create distraction for yourself?,” the NFF boss asked.

He added that a lot of people are doing a lot of things to cause distractions to the team.

Gusau stated that this is a point when people need to be putting encouraging words to these girls, so that, at least, they will have confidence to build up.

“But so many people are trying to instigate so many things, in order to divert their attention in order to create a lot of distraction.

“But we thank God, at least, at the end of the day, they were able to keep everything behind and they were focused on why they were there.

“They had one of the best performances of the tournament. The outstanding they are talking about, most of them are friendly matches and some of the qualifying matches, which goes back to almost three years.”

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