Mason Greenwood has lauded the impact Marcus Rashford and Edinson Cavani have had on him at Manchester United.

The young forward said: “You couldn’t ask for anyone better with Marcus being in a similar situation that I have, and then there’s Cavani who has won it all.

“He’s played for a number of years and it’s perfect timing for him to come into the club really at the time he did. He’s helped me a lot this season – he speaks to me sometimes and tries to help me work on my heading and stuff like that. He’s a nice lad and I’m very pleased that he’s here.

“You always need the older players in the team who have done it all and then you’ve got the younger players looking up to them and you feed on stuff they’ve done. You just watch them in training and you add it to your game.

“You’ve got the likes of Nemanja [Matic] who has won Premier Leagues with Chelsea, you’ve got Juan [Mata] who has played for many years. You’ve got Bruno [Fernandes] in behind you in that 10 position and he’s always talking, always giving me tips on playing. You’ve got a lot of older players you can just watch and take note of.

“We’re all good players here at United, so there is never time to relax because there could be that kid coming up who wants to take your position; you’ve got to always want to keep fighting. You’ve got to always want to play football and I always want to play for United, and be the player scoring goals for Manchester United.”


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