LEWIS HAMILTON has confirmed that he is part of Sir Martin Broughton’s consortium who are bidding to buy Chelsea.

But the Stevenage-born F1 icon also admitted that he is an ARSENAL fan, thanks to the influence of his sister.

Hamilton commented: “When I was young, I used to play football as a kid around the corner and I really wanted to fit in. I was the only kid of colour there.

“All the kids supported someone different and I remember switching between these teams and when I’d get home my sister would basically beat me, saying you have to support Arsenal!

“At five, six years old I supported Arsenal but my uncle Terry is a big Blues fan, so I’ve been to so many games with him to watch Chelsea and Arsenal play.”

Meanwhile Real Madrid are said to be confident of signing out of contract Antonio Rudiger after the Blues centre-back reportedly dropped his wage demands.

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