GARY LINEKER has revealed that he will never get a facelift after botox left him unable to raise his eyebrows while on television.

The Match of the Day host has opened up on how he stays in shape and tries to look younger.

Gary Lineker was left unable to move his eyebrow live on TV


Gary Lineker was left unable to move his eyebrow live on TVCredit: Getty

The 62-year-old chatted to fellow BBC presenter Gabby Logan on the MidPoint podcast, coming clean about his botox blunder.

Lineker said: “I don’t mind a bit of pampering, massages. I quite like a facial or a head massage – I love a head massage.”

The ex-England striker was asked if he would ever consider a facelift and, without hesitation, he declined.

Lineker continued: “A facelift? God no. No.

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“Why? I did Botox once as well, years ago, and I just looked ridiculous.

“I couldn’t raise my eyebrow. I went on telly to give it a little look on camera, but it wasn’t moving.”

The former Leicester, Tottenham and Barcelona man prefers to hit the gym to keep up his good looks rather than getting injections.

Lineker said: “I always do the gym on Monday mornings. I work out three or four times a week and do pilates as well.


“I think the older you get the more you need to do, really. I think it’s quite easy in mid-life to just give up when you start seeing the waistline expand a little bit.

“It’s funny I hate training. I’ve never liked it in my entire life, but I like it even less when I miss it because I think it’s important.

“But I do love the feeling after, in the shower, thinking you’ve actually done it.”

“The problem with training [as a footballer] was that I don’t think it was particularly thought out very well. I think it’s probably changed now.

“I was a striker, so I wanted to practice and wanted to train the things that would hone my skills.

“So I wanted to practice finishing every day and was perfectly happy doing hard fitness training, but most of it was five-a-side with little goals and it seemed pretty pointless.

“Even doing a shooting session, they’d get the whole team to do it, you’d get one shot every ten minutes. Complete waste of time.”

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