With eight gold medals, House of Joy (Yellow) has become champion of Royal Master’s School, Lagos, inter-house sports competition. Other winners included the House of Love, House of Mercy and House of Peace.

The competition was an all-inclusive one, as parents, teachers, as well as alumni, participated in various events, including a unique cooking competition.

Still evolving was the toddler’s community and children’s house, who featured in flower race, mother-daughter lacing, father’s lacing and several other events.

The pupils, students, staff members and even parents, had looked forward to such a huge atmosphere of good fun and competition, especially after the unfortunate global COVID-19 pandemic, which led to its suspension for three years.

The Chairman at the ceremony was Prof. Lere Baale, while the Special Guest was Seye Ogunleye. Ogunleye added more colour and inspiration to the pack as a Nigerian sprinter and Olympian.

The school’s Executive Director, Mrs. Seniorba Olatunji, quoting the Bible, said: “The race is not for the swift or battle to the strong nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favour to the learned, but time and chance happened to them all.”

She thanked those who graced the event and was grateful to God for the successful outing.

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