<p>Marco Antonio Barrera and Ricky Hatton face off ahead of their exhibition bout</p>

Marco Antonio Barrera and Ricky Hatton face off ahead of their exhibition bout


Ricky Hatton is back with the legendary British fighter rising again to star in the ring for the first time in a decade when he takes on former multiple-weight world champion Marco Antonio Barrera.

The pair will put on a show with nostalgia likely to flood back for fight fans throughout this exhibition in Manchester. Hatton, 44, has been retired from professional boxing since 2012 when Vyacheslav Senchenko delivered a crushing knockout. Perhaps Hatton’s best night was the whirlwind knockout of Kostya Tszyu, with his legion of supporters following him on the road as he dared to be great against Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao.

Hatton is relishing the chance to prove his worth on Saturday with the Barrera bout allowing him to shift excess weight and transform his lifestyle. After shedding the pounds, Hatton has even been able to spar with his son Campbell as he ventures further in his professional career, explaining to the Independent how special an experience it has been. The fight will be at the same venue as Natasha Jonas’ world title fight with Marie Eve Dicaire.


Ricky Hatton vs Marco Antonio Barrera

Incredible to see the Hitman walk to the ring one last time as Blue Moon rings loud.

Barrera is first to be announced, the Mexican legend has barely stopped smiling.

Jack Rathborn12 November 2022 23:32


Ricky Hatton vs Marco Antonio Barrera

The fighters are preparing for the ring walks.

An electric atmosphere in the arena awaits, Manchester looks to celebrate ‘The Hitman’.

Jack Rathborn12 November 2022 23:23


Ricky Hatton vs Marco Antonio Barrera

Ricky Hatton is back and he’s up next!

Jack Rathborn12 November 2022 23:18


Natasha Jonas reacts to win over Marie-Eve Dicaire

Jonas: “I’ll go away and have a good holiday, watch my stablemate Paul in Japan.

“Then we’ll go into 2023 and see what happens, I’ve not had a break since last year. But I’ll come back and discuss my options.

“I knew I had to perform tonight, I had to perform, I did that, the options are still on the table.

“Claressa could be an option if she can come down to the weight again, there’s McCaskill too.”

Jack Rathborn12 November 2022 23:17


Natasha Jonas defeats Marie-Eve Dicaire

Natasha Jonas: “You’re never happy with your performance, you go back and get better, but I won, it was quite clear.

“She was No 1 in the division but I’ve established myself as champion.

“I knew she was tough, I worked with some of the toughest southpaws in the game.”

Jack Rathborn12 November 2022 23:14


Natasha Jonas defeats Marie-Eve Dicaire

Natasha Jonas defeats Marie-Eve Dicaire on points and becomes the WBC, WBO and IBF super-welterweight champion of the world!

The judges all sided heavily with Jonas: 100-90, 98-92, 97-93

Jack Rathborn12 November 2022 23:10


Natasha Jonas vs Marie-Eve Dicaire

Jonas slowing in the last round and Dicaire looks to be comfortable at this pace.

Digging to the body as Jonas is caught on the ropes.

Dicaire swinging for the ropes as we close out the 10th round. We go to the scorecards, Jonas made it more difficult at the end, but should have done enough.

Jack Rathborn12 November 2022 23:07


Natasha Jonas vs Marie-Eve Dicaire

Not enough snap from Dicaire as Jonas covers up nicely.

Dicaire bleeding and bruised up around the nose and mouth.

A big left lands on Jonas, Dicaire keeps coming.

“Get yourself together, you’re coming down to her level,” says Gallagher in the corner.

Jack Rathborn12 November 2022 23:05


Natasha Jonas vs Marie-Eve Dicaire

The ponderous Dicaire lumbers forward with Jonas aiming to deter her with flashy combinations.

But she’s tough and keeps marching forward.

The quality and accuracy is all on Jonas though as we log an eighth round in this world title fight.

A left hook lands on Dicaire as the round ends, blood pouring from her nose, is it broken?

Jack Rathborn12 November 2022 23:02


Liam Smith remains coy over Chris Eubank Jr rumours

“She’s ahead, but it’s a tough fight. I think Jonas is pulling away.

“Hopefully we can announce something in the next couple of days.

“Hopefully we can get that across the line. I can’t keep a lot of secrets, but it should be done and announced soon.”

Jack Rathborn12 November 2022 22:59

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