Former world record holder and Olympic medalist, Milorad Cavic, will be visiting Nigeria to coordinate swimming clinics, titled Swim with Milorad Cavic, in Abuja and Lagos at the instance of Insight Sports Limited. The event is supported by the Lagos State government.

Confirming the news, Chief Executive Officer of Insight Sports Limited, Idowu Otukoya, said the Serb would be teaching the young swimmers the basic technicalities in swimming.

“The essence of inspiration, particularly in sports cannot be overemphasised. This clinic identifies the need to teach future-generation Olympians strategies that will take them to their next level of accomplishment in the sport,” he said.

He said last year’s edition was held only in Lagos, adding: “This year, we have planned something bigger that includes Abuja that children, young swimmers will be part of the plan.

“The Abuja leg will hold between May 22 – 25, while the Lagos leg will follow from May 29 to June 2.

“This looks to maximise the life of passion, commitment, and dedication of Cavic to inspire young Nigerian swimmers, who are aspiring Olympians, through teaching advanced techniques for their stroke development and competitive advantage.”

The clinic is open to swimmers of ages 11 and 18, who are looking forward to having a competitive edge and becoming great champions, Otukoya said.

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