To coincide with the World Cup, FIFA 18 added its own free World Cup mode into the game, complete with a full the tournament and a special Ultimate Team mode.

People weren’t just busy watching France lift the world cup after weeks of football action, they were busy playing FIFA too. In total, 406 million games were played from when the game launched up until after the final on Sunday.

In those 406 million games, fans scored 1 billion goals. Goalkeepers were certainly still doing their jobs though, saving 1.7 billion shots.

EA Sports has released an infographic with stats from the free FIFA 18 World Cup mode

EA Sports has released an infographic with stats from the free FIFA 18 World Cup mode

The refereeing and VAR came under scrutiny at the World Cup, and the virtual refs were working hard too, giving out 195 million yellow cards, and 25 million red cards in the FIFA World Cup mode.

Brazil went crashing out of the World Cup in disappointing fashion, but they were still the most popular nation in the game. 170 million matches were played with Neymar and co.

Not far behind on 153 million were eventual World Cup winners France, and then you have to go some way back to find Argentina on 81 million. They were disappointing at the tournament too, but it’s still a lot of fun to play as Messi in the game. 

Belgium and Portugal round out the top five most popular countries, with 80 million matches each. The likes of Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne, and Cristiano Ronaldo are hard to pass up. 

Finalists Croatia weren’t popular at all, but it seems their opponents France were fancied by many. In terms of the most popular final matchups, France played Brazil 315,637 times.

France featured in each of the top three matchups. Number two was against Germany, who had an awful tournament, and number three was against Belgium, who came third after beating England for the second time in Russia.

Germany vs Brazil was the fourth most played final, and fifth was Belgium vs Brazil.

On the list of most wins per country, France was on top there too, with 248,000. Brazil wasn’t far behind with 226,000, and then it’s a big jump back to Germany on 105,000. Belgium had 99,000 wins, while Spain came in fifth with just 59,000. 

Even more games (410 million) were played on FIFA Mobile, and players there scored 1.4 billion goals. The most common final matchup was Brazil vs Argentina, and Brazil won the highest number of games with 10 million.  

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