Sports Minister, John Owan Enoh, has assured that the Federal Government will start implementing the National Sports Industry Policy (NSIP) as part of president Bola Tinubu’s
Renewed Hope Agenda.

The immediate past government of Muhammadu Buhari approved the NSIP to provide opportunity for corporate and private sector participation in the development of sports in the country. But it was not able to implement before its tenure elapsed.

Speaking yesterday at the MKO Abiola Stadium, Abuja, Enoh said the current administration has endorsed the NSIP as both corporate and private sector play critical roles in sports sponsorships and infrastructure upgrade, adding that the policy has also provided opportunity for moving sports away from mere recreation to business

He added that one of the key policy objectives of the present administration is that sports can be used as a source of unity, peace and stability of the country, job creation as well as providing opportunity for inclusivity in participation in sports by both male and female

He explained that government intends to set up machinery for interface with the newly discovered talents from the just concluded National Youth Games (NYG) with a view to securing scholarships for their nurture to elite stage.

Senator Owan Enoh also said that the Federal Government would build facilities and infrastructure at the grassroots across the country to provide early exposure and grooming for budding talents.

Explaining that investment and funding in sports comes largely from both the corporate and private sectors the world over because it is a huge and vast area, the minister reminisced that there was a time the private sector was more involved in funding sports and providing scholarships.

“One of the major focuses of the ministry now is to see how we can get back and sell ourselves to the private sector, to see how much we can build trust and confidence so that competitions and initiatives of the Ministry can have the endorsement and huge support of the private sector,” he said.

On reward for excellent athletes, Senator Owan Enoh acknowledged the critical role
welfare plays in the overall performance of athletes and assured that the ministry would not only set up a well-planned welfare scheme to cater for non-active and active sportsmen and women, but also ensure that the country recognised their contributions through various honours.

He said: “Anybody who has had cause to fly the national flag high, represent the country, we should be able to show them gratitude and recognition because it is a no mean feat.”

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