Fans share their views about the Wizards and the Caps remaining in D.C. 

By D. Kevin McNeir 
Special to the AFRO

(Photo by D. Kevin McNeir)

Sister Stoddard, 20, White Oak, Maryland

(with friends Sisters Samoala and Schmidt)

“I think it’s wonderful that the Caps and Wizards are going to stay in D.C. because sports bring crowds to the city and the downtown area and provide more jobs for those who supply the goods and services needed by the crowds. I used to live in downtown D.C. and one thing I liked about it was there were always people around which is good for local businesses who need the revenue. But I have to admit that I’m more of a Utah Jazz and BYU (Brigham Young University) basketball supporter than a Wizards fan.”

(Photo courtesy William J. Ford)

William J. Ford, 50, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 

“There were quite a number of folks who didn’t believe that the Wizards and Caps were going to move to Northern Virginia because, after all, they’re D.C. teams. They’ve always been our teams and now, it looks like they always will be. Before the Wizards (once the Bullets) began playing at Capital One Arena and were in Maryland, people had to drive out to the arena and that was difficult for a lot of fans. People who have grown up in the area look at the Wizards as D.C.-centric – I’ve even heard Mayor Bowser use the term. But when you think about the teams–and since they’re the Washington Wizards, or the Washington Capitals–it just stands to reason that they would be located in the District. As for the success of the team, well, they’ll have better seasons soon, hopefully. I guess that remains to be seen.  

(Photo courtesy of Jordathan Jones)

Jordathan Jones, 47, Northwest Washington, D.C.

“I am a fan of the Wizards and with that said, it’s awesome for the city that the Wizards are going to stay in D.C. It will keep jobs here, and they have a lot of diehard fans, like me, win or lose. The Wizards are our team – they’re a D.C. team and they belong here. Of course, we want them to win and it’s been a long time since they won the title back in 1978. Still, we’ve always had some very talented players, including Michael Jordan at one time. Maybe they just need new management. And with the changes and upgrades that I hear are coming over the next three years to the arena, I hope that will attract better players. The Wizards and the Caps are the face of the city. It would have been crazy for them to move. 

(Photo courtesy Christopher McLaughlin)

Christopher McLaughlin, 48, Southeast Washington, D.C.

“I think it’s awesome that they’re staying in D.C. and we’re all looking for something new to be added to the arena and to the surrounding area. Hopefully, there will be more opportunities for people to experience a live basketball or hockey game – maybe even having the chance to sit closer to the action. Capital One Arena is already a beautiful facility but with the upgrades that have been promised, it will be even better. It will certainly appeal to the younger generation. One thing folks need to understand is the NBA and NHL have changed a lot since the ‘70s and ‘80s. You have to offer fans more than just a big screen above the floor or the ice. It has to be a total experience for fans both before, during and after the game. The arena has a lot of spaces already that resemble lounges or nightclubs and which attract adults. I’d like to see the space include more settings that are family- and kid-friendly. 

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