FANS were forced to turn off TNT Sports after they were hit with major technical issues during coverage of Manchester United’s win over Copenhagen.

The new broadcaster, a rebrand of BT Sport, has taken on Champions League coverage in the UK for the 2023-24 season.

TNT Sport suffered technical issues throughout the night as Manchester United played Copenhagen


TNT Sport suffered technical issues throughout the night as Manchester United played CopenhagenCredit: TNT Sports

But in just the third round of fixtures, they suffered a serious malfunction as a blaring crackling sound beamed through TV speakers across the country.

It is unclear what happened to cause the terrible audio problems.

But supporters watching on at home let rip for the poor production quality – with one even using a Jose Mourinho meme of him taking off his headphones to suggest they had switched channels.

One tweeted: “What is this c**p audio we are paying for??

Another wrote: “F*** me TNT Sports is so amateurish! Can’t they afford decent sound equipment!?!”

A third commented: “Sort that awful sound out TNT Sports. We can actually hear the producers talking too, ‘Is it the same for Laura?’ Yes love.”

A fourth said: “Someone’s getting sacked tomorrow from TNT’s sound team.”

A fifth raged: “TNT sound is dreadful.”

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A sixth fumed: “F*** sake @TNTSports, sort your audio out!”

Another moaned: “These sound issues all night on TNT is ridiculous.”

And a final user quipped: “TNT Sports letting the transition year students have a crack at the sound on the United game.”

Presenter Laura Woods also had to think quickly earlier in the night during the build-up to the Champions League game.

Paul Scholes’ microphone suddenly stopped working as Woods came to the rescue and then jokingly gave the ex-United midfielder a ticking off.

Scholes then pretended to throw his dodgy piece of kit away.

After the game – which the Red Devils won in dramatic fashion thanks to Andre Onana’s 97th-minute penalty save – there were more issues for TNT Sports as Woods had to give her microphone to Erik ten Hag for his live on-air interview.

And to make matters worse, there were more complaints during the post-match analysis and interviews because the sound was out of sync with the pictures.

Paul Scholes' microphone stopped working live on air


Paul Scholes’ microphone stopped working live on airCredit: TNT Sports
The former midfielder pretended to throw the dud away


The former midfielder pretended to throw the dud awayCredit: TNT Sports

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