Following impressive showings by clubs in the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) and the media coverage the competition has attracted in the 2022/23 season, investment management outfit, GTI Group, has advised the country’s corporate players to buy into The Nigeria Football Fund (TNFF).

Expressing delight at the media coverage of the league, which recently concluded its first phase, TNFF Head of Media and Publicity, Andrew Ekejiuba, said investing in TNFF would facilitate sustainable liquidity in the football ecosystem and also provide attractive Returns on Investment (ROI) to investors.

Ekejiuba said the ongoing abridged league predicted that the second phase of the league, which will commence on March 25, will be quite thrilling, adding that GTI, as the strategic partner to the NPFL, is leaving no stone unturned in laying a solid foundation for the league to thrive.

“We are at a threshold of making history with the NPFL, following the massive media coverage given to our league by the sporting press at the ongoing 2022/2023 season and the positive restructuring that is quietly going on in the background as a result of the emergence of GTI into Nigeria’s football ecosystem. Thanks to the sporting press for the great job they are doing with the league coverage.

“The introduction of TNFF by GTI has also brought a positive turnaround to the NPFL such that the issue of funding for our football league is no longer a problem. Clubs, FAs, match officials and NPFL staff can give testimony to the level of support and attention given by GTI in this regard,” Ekejiuba said.

He called on corporate Nigeria and individuals with interest in the country’s football to invest in TNFF.

“This is a clarion call to Corporate Nigeria and individuals who have passion and interest in our beautiful game’s development to key into the TNFF project now before foreign investors will take up the entire units offered by TNFF.

“Already, the value of N1 per Unit at the launch of the Fund has appreciated to N1.02 per unit, which depicts a positive future for the League.

“On February 20, 2023, the TNFF Project Director, Nelson Ine,made a presentation to selected Sports and Business Editors of reputable media organisations in Lagos to buttress the need for Nigerians to invest in TNFF. Based on the outcome of the media parley, various media organisations published stories encouraging investors to key into TNFF without further delay.

“Therefore, this is a reminder to would-be investors that their attention is needed now the investment window is still open. Every investor in TNFF has nothing to fear because the fund has been so uniquely designed for safety, provides a win-win situation for the investors, and stakeholders and enhances the development of our beautiful game in Nigeria.

“For the records, TNFF is a Specialised Collective Investment Scheme that combines the regular advantages of a mutual fund with the unique propositions of a structured fund. TNFF is raising N5 billion through an initial public offering of 5.0 billion units at N1 per unit. The minimum subscription to the fund is 100,000 units or in multiples of N100,000 units thereafter,” Ekejiuba concluded.

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