Neville finally admits Arsenal can win title

Pundit Gary Neville has finally conceded that Arsenal can win the Premier League this season.

The ex-Man Utd star has consistently suggested that he doesn’t think the Gunners have what it takes to finish in top spot.

But now, he has realised it’s a strong possibility, slamming Pep Guardiola in the process.

He told The Overlap: “I think they played quite well [against Everton], I didn’t think it was a bad one – obviously it’s a bad result for them.

“Do you know something, we were at the City game on Sunday and when the team came through I thought for the first time that Arsenal could win the league.

“And that’s not looking smart after the event because City had lost, but I just thought Guardiola is messing around, he’s tinkering far too much.

“I don’t know why Kevin De Bruyne isn’t playing, I don’t know why Ilkay Gundogan is not playing, I don’t know why Ruben Dias is not back in the centre of that defence with Aymeric Laporte to make them solid.

“I saw the team and I thought, from the point of view of my prediction – which is that City will catch Arsenal – I was less sure on Sunday than I’ve ever been.

‘I was pretty certain two weeks ago, I was actually certain on Saturday afternoon, I thought, ‘Right, City will do it proper tomorrow, this will be a proper champion’s performance, he [Guardiola] won’t mess around’ but if he carries on doing what he’s doing…”

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