Pep speaks out on Thierry claim

Pep Guardiola has predictably disagreed with Arsenal legend Thierry Henry’s claim that Manchester City are too predictable with Erling Haaland.

Haaland also suggested that the striker has not been effective in some of City’s biggest games

But Etihad chief Guardiola pointed to City’s excellent overall scoring record and suggested it is the responsibility of Haaland’s team-mates to make the team less predictable.

Guardiola said: “I would say that I understand exactly what Titi [Henry] wants to say the fact we play and we put the balls to Haaland.

“Being less predictable does not depend on Haaland it depends on the way we can make the process to arrive in different channels to the final third, not just with Erling.

“But if you arrive here, here and fire the crosses or just pass to Erling that will be predictable.

“To be less predictable we need more runs from Kevin [De Bruyne], more runs from [Ilkay] Gundogan, more runs from the wingers, we need more runs when we arrive in the final third but to arrive in the final third we need the process.

“For the other ones the way we play in Europe and the Premier League, we play really good. We have these type of players that make our game not predictable.

“Come on, we scored 60 goals, we are the team that scored more goals in the Premier League. Always we can do good things and with Erling as well.”

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